A Simple Mind by Sarah Colter

Tag Team, Book 1

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-515-8, 1-60370-515-5

Reviewed by Sabella



Kerry is well known for his sunny disposition and his ability to make anyone his friend, so the nickname Sunshine for him in and out of the wrestling ring is more than appropriate.  However, his wrestling partner and lover Lomian is Kerry’s polar opposite in personality and his outlook in life.  Kerry tends to look at life and everything in it in the most basic of terms, to the point seeming simple – yet when Kerry and Lomian are accused of fraud and theft it just might be Kerry’s simplistic outlook that solves the crime…

Tag Team 1: A Simple Mind is a simple and straight forward tale that has its charm in the form of Kerry’s character.  Every other character is almost secondary to Kerry and his sunny personality, which serves to emphasize the lightness of the romance and one-dimensionality of plot.  However, the physical encounters between Kerry and Lomain, although short and emotionally confusing, are hot!  Tag Team 1: A Simple Mind is an entertaining tale that’s perfect as a distraction from the complications of everyday life.


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