Another Chance by L Shannon


Changeling Press

Gay / Christmas

ISBN: 978-1-60521-143-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Months ago, Josh was saved from freezing to death by a demon, Chance.  Now he wants to spend Christmas with his demon.  When reality intrudes, can Josh still make it a special day?

Another Chance is a very hot story featuring one of my favorite supernatural creatures: demons.  Apparently, itís the third story in a series of shorts, and I think the storyline would have made more sense if Iíd read the other stories first.  As it was, I enjoyed the hot scenes between Josh and Chance.  I donít want to reveal what the intrusion into Josh and Chanceís holiday was, because that would spoil the story, but it certainly threw quite a wrench into the works!  I sympathized with Joshís reaction, and his confusion.  My only real problem with Another Chance (other than wishing Iíd read the other stories first) was the ending, which felt abrupt and somewhat unsatisfying.


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