Amanda’s Young Men by Madeline Moore

Black Lace Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9780352341914

Reviewed by Willow



Amanda Garland has the best of everything. Or at least she thinks she does but she isn’t as content as she’d like to be. She’s a very sexual woman married to an older man who doesn’t always provide the kind of satisfaction she’d like. She sometimes thinks about younger men and the sexual adventures she could have, but she has never strayed from her marriage.

That was then, this is now. Everything changed when Amanda discovered that while she had been faithful to her husband, Roger, he had not been faithful to her. He is found very naked and very dead in a hotel room. The victim of a heart attack while he was cheating on her. Now his memory is what fuels Amanda’s determination to reinvent, not only herself, but her late husband’s failing business.

With a new wardrobe and a desire to have as much sex as it takes to burn out her anger, Amanda takes on her new life head on. And discovers more secrets.

Now all she has to do is save her business. With help from her new “friends” Amanda turns the tables and comes out on top in more ways than one.

Amanda’s Young Men is chock full of the adventures Amanda has always dreamed of. And best of all is the line of boys…and girls…she can pick from. Amanda’s Young Men has something for everyone. If variety is the spice of life then there is no denying the zestyness of Amanda’s new life. You’ll definitely need to cool down..or heat up…after reading.


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