A Little R & R by Morgan Ashbury



Reviewed by Tanya



Rebecca Scott is finally getting to go on the vacation of her dreams.  For years she went wherever her husband wanted but now that she is a widow, she has decided she wants to spend the summer as a “dude” on a Colorado ranch.  What she doesn’t expect to happen is for her to be instantly drawn to Rafe Lassiter, the real life cowboy who picks her up at the airport.  She especially doesn’t expect him to take a personal interest in her, and her summer.

Rafe is stunned to meet Rebecca at the airport. It is like finally finding the other half of himself.  He can’t stop thinking of her and even decides to spend time with her.  This is funny as he has always avoided the “dudes” like the plague.  But, can he convince the woman of his dreams that it is ok for her to marry him, and that her kids will be ok with this, eventually?

Add to this some steamy interactions, some intrigue as there appears to be more than ruins in the local tribal ruin site and you have a wonderful story.

A Little R & R is another wonderful tale by Morgan Ashbury.  As usual her characters have a lot of depth.  She is also unafraid to write about an older woman who has a second chance at love.  In A Little R & R there are a few sub plots involving neighbors as well as Rafe’s brothers that will keep the reader entertained throughout the story.  Additionally there is a sinister side of the story dealing with illegal trading.  I found A Little R & R a fun afternoon read.


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