A Knight’s Temptation by Catherine Kean



ISBN: 9781933836522

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Aldwin Treynarde was tasked to return a stolen ruby pendant to his lord.  Lady Leona Ransley has it, and thought to ransom it, both for the money and to protect her father’s potentially treasonous activity regarding the pendant.  Aldwin kidnaps her, planning to deliver the necklace and her to his lord.  He is shocked to discover she is the Leona of his childhood, whom he thought dead because of his wayward antics.  In the meantime, Leona’s home is under siege by two evil people bent on revenge against Aldwin and his lord.  As they travel to the castle, battling each other every step of the way, love fights to triumph.

In the third of the Knight’s series, Catherine Kean brings to life a story of chivalry and romance.  Aldwin is tormented by mistakes from his past and his knightly tendencies make his pain all the more acute.  Leona represents one of those mistakes, and as he gets to know her, his heart opens to her.  Aldwin is a wonderful character and Leona is a strong woman.  She doesn’t ever give up on trying to escape and is clever and resourceful.  A Knight’s Temptation is a tale of nonstop action, suspense and blossoming love.


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