A Husbandís Wicked Ways by Jane Feather



ISBN: 978-1416525530

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Aurelia Farnham was widowed three years ago and had become accustomed to her life with her daughter.  When Greville Falconer reveals that her late husband was a spy, her world is turned upside down.  And when Greville asks her to help him with his latest mission, she makes the biggest leap of her life.

Greville teaches Aurelia the art of being a spy.  While her mission is mostly to help introduce Greville to the ton and keep an eye out for strange occurrences, it soon becomes more than that.  Their cover as an engaged couple begins to seem very real to both of them.  And when Aureliaís life is in danger, both discover just how far they will go for their country and for love.

I am a fan of Ms. Featherís but I was left a little disappointed with A Husbandís Wicked Ways, the third in a series.  Greville is the best part of the story.  Heís the consummate spy Ė no attachments, no emotional ties.  Itís wonderful to watch as he falls for Aurelia.  I had a hard time believing Aureliaís character would do some of the things she does.  The story is intriguing, if possibly overly drawn out.  When I look back on the book, the main image I have is of Greville, who nearly makes up for any lack in the rest of the book.


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