A Hike on Mount Shady by Chris Owen

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



For Charlie, Christmas in Shady Ridge is nothing like the Christmas’ he spent in Albany, New York, but for all that New York had, it didn’t have Hank.  Charlie knew if he were in Albany, he and Hank wouldn’t be climbing mountains in their backyard searching for fir trees, and they wouldn’t have the privacy to fully enjoy their hike on Mount Shady.

It was great visiting with Charlie and Hank again.  Of course with these two a simple hike in the woods would be anything but simple, even in a small town like Shady Ridge police work is never done. And of course with these two a wintery hike in the woods becomes a steamy hot escapade.  A Hike on Mount Shady was a fun read and I hope Chris Owen has more visits planned with Charlie and Hank.


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