A Gift Worth Sharing by Marty Rayne

Sequel to A Master’s Love

Loose Id

BDSM LGBT Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-802-0

Reviewed by Cassie



Right before Christmas, Nate decides to surprise Kyle with a weekend getaway.  Nate’s surprise isn’t quite what Kyle expects, however.  Will the weekend strengthen their love, or destroy their relationship?

A Gift Worth Sharing is one of those rare books that really delves into the emotional ramifications of a threesome, which I thought was very refreshing.  Like in A Master’s Love, Kyle and Nate switch on who’s dominant and who’s submissive in the bedroom, but the results are always hot.  Their love and trust for each other, and the way they work through an issue from Kyle’s past, are sweet to read.  The third character added in A Gift Worth Sharing is both sympathetic and sexy, and I found myself hoping he was going to get his own story.  While reading A Master’s Love isn’t absolutely necessary to understand A Gift Worth Sharing, I recommend reading it anyway, to fully appreciate Kyle and Nate’s relationship.  Anyone who likes voyeurism, ménage, or light BDSM will be sure to enjoy this quick, hot read.


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