Wings of Change by Bianca DíArc
I Dream of Dragons
Samhain Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-669-8
Reviewed by Jambrea



Lucia de Alagarithia is royalty from another land, but she is forced to run from her home and her lot in life changes.  Now she waits tables in a tavern serving both knights and dragons.   While tending the dragon Sir Reynor she notices he is on the brink of death.  Against Sir Reynorís wishes Lucia goes in search of his mate, Lady Linea and his rider Sir Kaden.  Once Lucia arrives at the castle to search for Lady Linea and Sir Kaden her life is forever changes.

Sir Marcus meets Lucia and is fascinated by this beauty who can speak to dragons.  Not many women have the ability to converse with dragons and most people fear them.  Lucia informs Marcus that his dragon, Lady Linea, is Sir Reynorís mate and that is why she must speak to Lady Linea.  When Marcus learns that his dragon is mated with Kadenís and that they will share a mate only one woman comes to mind and that is Lucia.

Kaden feels great guilt over Reynorís injuries and thinks Reynor is upset with him.  Kaden respects Reynorís wishes to stay away unaware of how bad Reynorís injuries are.

Can Lucia go against her upbringing and be a mate to two men?   Can Kaden get over his guilt long enough to recognize Lucia as his mate?  Will Marcus have the patience to woo Lucia to his way of thinking?  The three must come together to make their family whole.  Are they up to the challenge?

Wings of Change is a fairy tale come to life.  I only had one problem with this book, it ended!  Bianca DíArc is a wonderful storyteller and she wrapped me into a fantasy world that I could stay in forever.  In Winds of Change you get two knights in shining armor.  I couldnít ask for anything more.  Not only does the girl get two knights, but she also gets two dragons instead of horses.  Winds of Change is wonderfully magical.  I canít wait to read more of what Ms. DíArc has to offer.


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