When Lightning Strikes by Cheri Valmont
Whiskey Creek Press - Torrid
Romantic Suspense/BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59374-030-1
Reviewed by Bella March



Lucas Horville is a dominant with some serious internal struggles, working and drinking himself into an early grave.  When his brother/business partner hires Jessie Sandoval to help alleviate some of his workload in the detail department of their body shop, Luke is livid.  He plans to fire her as soon as she arrives for her first day of work, but one look at her and he knows he’s in trouble.

Jessie Sandoval, pixie, sexual submissive, and a killer detail artist is immediately attracted to Luke, even though he seems to want nothing to do with her.  She sees in him pain that he tries fiercely to hide and she’d like nothing more than to be the one he opens up to.  She understands inner turmoil.  She’s got baggage of her own.  Her ex-dominant doesn’t seem to understand the phrase, “It’s over”, stalking her across Louisiana, as she attempts to make a new life away from him. He still believes she’s his, and he won’t accept anything less than having her back, even if it means leaving a path of destruction in his wake.  It’s a good thing Luke is there, ready and willing to assist her.

As the danger increases, Luke finds himself falling for Jessie.  Is she the woman that can help him to leave his past in the past and look forward to his dominant future? 

When Lightning Strikes is a scintillating read.  Cheri Valmont creates believable characters with a dynamic duo of hero and heroine, as well as dastardly villains.  She adds just the right amount of sexual heat and suspense to keep my interest and a plot line that’s not too slow, not too rushed.  I enjoyed When Lightning Strikes and look forward to reading more works from Ms. Valmont in the future.


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