Voices Carry by Melissa Schroeder
Federation CTD
Loose Id
ISBN 10: 1-59632-181-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-59632-181-6
Reviewed by Jo


“Voices Carry”

Shana Adams is a terrorism expert who has been hired by the Federation in the Counter-Terrorism Department and she is very good at her job.  However Shana has a secret that she must keep at all costs – she’s a telepath.  In her world having paranormal gifts can get you arrested and imprisoned for nothing more than that the society has a deep suspicion and fear of anyone with these types of gifts.  Not a problem for Shana and her older brother, David, as they have been trained to ignore and not use their telepathic abilities.  Problem solved, until the morning Shana starts getting sexual images of her and her boss.  Could they be from him? 

Marcus Carlyle has a serious problem; he is lust with his terrorism expert and can’t quite concentrate on what she is saying.  Between the sexual fantasies, the security leak he can’t quit pin down and the suspected terrorist hit to come anytime now, Marcus is way over his head.  Marcus and Shana soon find out that sexual reality is way better than fantasies.  When Shana has to reveal her secret to Marcus to prove that the leak is much more personal than he thought, will Marcus believe in Shana and them or will his past prejudices destroy not only their relationship but Shana’s security?


“Lost in Emotion”

Genoa has been undercover for Marcus and the Federation for quite a long time now.  Now all of her hard work and time spying for the Federation has paid off.  Genoa has obtained some important information that must get to Marcus .  Genoa has discovered that the Gorgons, an alien race, will stop at nothing to make sure neither her nor her information reaches Earth.  Genoa has to escape the Gorgons she is with and now she is being confronted with a bossy human male who says he knows all about her and her mission.

David Adams has recently become a member of the Counter-Terrorism Department and has been sent off in search of a spy who has not been in contact.  David has a secret helper in his search—he is telepathic and knows how to use his abilities to achieve his goals.  David is hit with lust once he finally does locate Genoa and gets her away from the Gorgons.  However, there is much more going on than David is aware of and Genoa is keeping more secret then just her information.  All secrets are revealed by Genoa finally, but is it too much and too late for her and David?


“Hard Habit to Break”

Nolete Ashford is one of the few paranormals who has made it out of the Federation centers alive.  All she had to lose was her abilities and come to terms with the fact that the man she loved turned her in for ten years of hell.  Now Nolete is a Drug Enforcement agent working for the Federation and is on the hunt for the drug called “Dream Weaver”.  Against her will, Nolete has to work with a scientist to figure out all the aspects of the drug.

Drake Conners works alone and in isolation for the most part and that is the way he likes it.  As a favor to an old friend, he agrees to help on a taskforce to locate and break down a new drug on the circuit.  Drake is surprised when he discovers the head of the taskforce is his “Letty”, the one woman he lost and can never forget.  Drake sees that there have been some powerful changes in Nolete in the past ten years since he saw her, but he cannot figure out the hostility she has now.   Nolete’s abilities are coming back to her but only concerning Drake and a lust she can’t deny so far.  The sexual tension gets higher and higher as Nolete and Drake search for the leaks and transmission of the drug.  Just as Nolete and Drake believe they have a fighting chance in stopping the drug and for a future, something is discovered that might blow it sky high.


Voices Carryis a three-story anthology covering three couples intertwined with the Federation Counter-Terrorist Department.  The stories are so interwoven that while they do stand alone, I can’t imagine reading only one and not the others.   Ms. Schroeder gave us a complete plot line throughout the stories.  The sparks start flying with Shana and Marcus and don’t stop until the final all-hands-on-deck finale at the end of Nolete’s and Drake’s story.  Voices Carryhad it all for me – nonstop action, powerful couples with extremely hot scenes, paranormal aspects and of course the great ending that gets the bad guy and give all three couples a wonderful happy ever after.  While I can and do recommend Voices Carry to paranormal and futuristic lovers, I will say that I’m guessing you won’t only read it just once, but over and over again.


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