Unveiling the Sorceress by Saskia Walker
Juno Books
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: (10) 0-8095-5781-9; (13) 978-0-8095-5781-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Elishiba finds herself at a crossroads in her life and her choices will not only affect her, but the future of her country and its people.  Her country Aleem is surrounded by unfriendly neighbors and if she wishes to avoid outright warfare. she must align herself to Karseedia hopefully through a peace treaty but if all else fails through a marriage to the Karseedian Emperor.  However, when she sets out to the capital of Karseedia, Elishiba believes it is to negotiate what terms both sides will abide by, but what she finds is a trip surrounded by possible enemies and constant intrigue and manipulations by the Machiavellian Empress of Karseedia.  In the midst of all these events that threaten to overwhelm Elishiba, she begins to discover powers beyond imagination within herself but will Elishiba be able to use them for her benefit?  Will Elishiba be able to save her country and herself or will she be the sacrifice required to keep the peace in Aleem?

Unveiling the Sorceress is an incredible magical tale that weaves all the elements of a wonderfully sensual fantasy love, magic, intrigue, murder, true evil and gods who are not above influencing the outcome of events.  Ms. Walker does a wonderful job of creating such vivid characters and a world so full of magic that it will leave you wishing it were real so you could visit.  Elishiba is an amazing character who will have you turning the pages to find how she will face and overcome all the challenges in her path.  She is left constantly wondering who her allies truly are and it is entertaining to watch Elishiba navigate the intrigue and test her mettle against all the forces aligned against her.  Pick up Unveiling the Sorceress for a truly entrancing read that will transport you to a world where magic is real and the gods interact directly in the lives of their people.


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