Twin Temptations by Carol Lynne
Good-time Boys, Book 4
Total E-bound
Contemporary/Cowboy Ménage Romance
 (M/F/M; M/M/F; Twincest)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-40-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Ryker and Ranger Good are twins. They share a relationship that few understand and even fewer accept.  They are very comfortable showing affection towards one another in a very physical manner and have been sharing a bed for their entire lives.  However, there are lines that even they won’t cross, but will this be what tears them apart when Lilly finally joins their bed?

Lilly Bevin has been waiting all her life for the Good twins to notice her and let her know if they are interested in something more with her.  When Ryker and Ranger finally make their move Lilly is ready for them – but are they ready for her?

Ranger is afraid of the changes that will come when Lilly is added to their relationship but Ryker is beyond happy when he finally gets Lilly with reach.  Lilly can’t wait to finally be with the twins.  Will they be able to make this work or will the secrets that they keep tear them apart?

Twin Temptations continues the Good brothers’ story with the relationship between Ryker and Ranger and their romance with Lilly.  Unlike the impression that we receive of the brothers in previous books the relationship between the twins is unconventional, but not incestuous.  However, during their courtship and romance with Lilly their more carnal desires for each other are explored.  Both men are attractive and passionate and Lilly blossoms under their tutelage.  However, even though the story involving Ryker, Ranger and Lilly is emotional it failed to grab my attention as it dances around the twins “relationship” too much to be able to feel involved in the outcome.  Still, Twin Temptations is an amusing read with plenty of hot sex to keep you turning the pages.


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