Troubled Waters by Tiffany Aaron
Terran Realm series
Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary Paranormal
ISBN: 1-59578-334-2
Reviewed by Jo



Brian Rasmussen has been living in the British Virgin Islands since leaving the Special Forces.  Now instead of training missions and ops, he lives on a boat and takes tourists out fishing.  Brian has loved the water his entire life until his last mission. Now he not only does not want to ever go in to those depths again but also does not want to encounter anything that lives below the surface again.  Brian decides to go into one of the local bars for a drink and maybe even some companionship one night when his thoughts get to be too much.

Iman is a shifter with the Clan Najwa who works with Keepers of the Environment (KOTE) and has been sent to Tortula in the British Virgin Islands on a mission to locate Brian and to find out what is contaminating the local waters.  She finds Brian without a problem and makes instant contact only to discover that he is a Terran – a group of beings that work to keep the earth in balance with all her elements.  Brian is a Water Keeper who has a problem with water and everything that lives in it who doesn’t even know what a Terran is.

Iman and Brian end up teaming together trying to find out what is happening to the waters around the islands.  When Iman locates a book that is very damaging to the polluters, KOTE wants her and Brian to bring it to them immediately. Iman has a simple task – get the book to the home base, convince Brian of who and what he is, show him all the love possible in a short amount of time and oh yeah, don’t let either of them get killed.  All in a days work – right?

Troubled Waters continues the war that KOTE has with all the polluters in the world and keeping the earth in balance.  This time Brian and Iman meet and find instant lust the leads to passion and finally love.  Iman is a messenger dealing with more than her normal duties when danger threatens her and Brian.  Brian does not know anything of his heritage and is a bit astounded when confronted with a world within the world that very few people know anything about.  I loved the hints of humor with which Brian and Iman used to help them through some serious and dangerous times. Brian image to me just kept improving as he stayed opened minded and slowly worked his way around the new world rapidly

being opened to him.  Ms. Aaron’s writing keeps the plot line interesting and moving rapidly while tackling a subject that many would not expect to find in a romance novel.  Not only did I greatly enjoy Troubled Waters but since this was the first book in the Terran Realm series that I have read, I plan on going back and finding the previous books and searching for the next in this series. 


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