To Tempt An Angel by Marie Bellevaux
Cerridwen Press
Paranormal / Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-4199-0649-6
Reviewed by Jo



Angelina Williams is in the middle of her sixth season, at one of the best parties, and really isnít interested in the current person of interest Ė the new Russian Count.  However when she is brought back into the ballroom by her mother and then requested to dance by  the Count, Angelina cannot say no.  She is amazed to see that Count Roman Ivanovich resembles the shadow man of her most recent dreams. 

Count Roman Ivanovich has been waiting for Angelina to grow ever since he first met her.  Now, finally his wait is over and all he has to do is get her to agree to the final steps that will make her his for all eternity.  Time, however, is not on their side. A hunter has also descended upon London for the season and sees this as his ultimate moment to take out the Count.

To Tempt An Angel takes place in London during their season, but not within the circle of the top ton  .  Angelina has been haunted by a man she met many years ago and suddenly finds a man who seems to resemble him.  Count Roman has spent many, many years searching for his mate and then had to wait until she became a woman.  He has no plans to wait any longer.  To Tempt An Angel seemed a bit rushed to me and I had a problem with the quickness of their meeting, first sexual contact, and then marriage.  I just could not get the feeling they had the amount of passion that would be necessary to overthrow the current customs for such a quick resolution.  While I did like that Ms. Bellevaux added a bit of suspense to the story, again, I just could not find the emotion that should have been associated with the type of danger at hand.  I did like that the Count made himself wait to approach Angelina until she was an adult when he could have moved much quicker.   To Tempt An Angel is a brief look at how the rest of the ton lived during the Season Ė something you donít always find .


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