Three Swords, One Heart by N.J. Walters
Torrid Tarot
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419910883
Reviewed by Jo



Zarina was brought up by her warrior father and since he was the leader of her village, she is treated with respect and valor. When her father dies, one extremely greedy and cruel warrior decides that he is going to take her father’s place, his possessions and have Zarina as his submissive wife. Zarina is a warrior woman and won’t agree with his plan; in fact she beats him in front of the villagers in a fight. However, she is defeated and then cast out of the clan. No one even attempts to help her or acknowledge the wrongs being done.

Malik and Kalis are the first born twins in their family. Like all before them, they are cursed until they find a warrior woman that will except them both and love them freely. While they have never given up hope, it has been searching a very long time. A dream shows them their mate, a beautiful warrior woman who makes their blood sing, now their search is really on.

Zarina, Malik and Kalis meet each other when Zarina needs them the most. Malik and Kalis are open about who they are, their curse and the fact that they believe Zarina to be their destined woman. Zarina, however, does not believe them, but she is willing to go with them. If Zarina, Malik and Kalis can make past this enormous hurtle and break the curse, will the choices that Zarina suddenly has to make tear them apart or will their three hearts really be one.

I knew even before opening Three Swords, One Heart that it would be nice and spicy just because Ms. Walters had written it. Once I was well into the story, I realized that there were several subplots, like what follies of greed, being a bully, not wanting to be the one to take a stand and most of all pride. I was correct about the spice of the ménages, but I was enthralled with the subplots which all circled around to the last couple of chapters. Zarina has to grow up emotionally when she meets Malik and Kalis and while she was willing to fight, I will tell you I was totally unsure even up to the last chapter if she would choose her heart or her past. Three Swords, One Heart is a must read for any sci-fi and fantasy fans and a story you will come back to again and again. I have already read it a couple of times.


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