The Winner's Circle by Rae Monet
Liquid Silver Books
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59578-359-2
Reviewed by Gracie



Jim Normin has been on the NASCAR circuit for years and racing since he was in high school, but the sight of the Lovely Cosmetics car on the track makes him very upset.  Lovely Cosmetics needs a new driver immediately.  They have chosen Shawn Lewin.  Shawn is a beautiful woman who has racing in her blood.   She is absolutely loves it, but she knows she is entering a male dominated field and she will have to make a spot for herself.  Shawn is very excited about this chance, but also nervous as she has never raced at this level

before.  During her first race, she chooses a car to keep in her sights and accidentally bumps him causing him to spin out of control

and hit a wall.  Shawn knows she is at fault, but when faced with Jim Normin, she does not know what to do about it.

Jim is angry and he wants Shawn to realize that she needs to back off of him while they are racing.  At their first meeting, the attraction between them is instant and mutual.  They both know a relationship of any kind would complicate both their lives.  Jim is all male and so darned attractive that Shawn does not know if she can resist him.  Jim feels very protective of all female drivers ever since a tragic accident earlier in his life.  Jim knows caring for Shawn will only make things worse, but he wants her.

They try to avoid each other, but it does not work.  Jim asks Shawn out on a date and they have a great time, but after their date Shawn

avoids any contact with him.  As they encounter each other on the track, Shawn continues to stay close to Jim and Jim worries about Shawn, to the point that his driving is affected.  Shawn is in an accident on the track and things between them change.  Will Jim and Shawn be able to find a balance between their careers and their growing relationship?

Rae Monet knows how to write great characters with real emotions. Jim Normin exudes sexuality topped off with an amazing dose of true gentleman.  Shawn is not only beautiful, but smart and good at what she is doing.  The Winner's Circle draws the reader into the fast and often times scary would of NASCAR.  Shawn and Jim have a lot to overcome if they want to cross the finish line with love being the victor, and Rae Monet has her readers cheering for its success.  Rae Monet races in and finishes number one in The Winner's Circle.


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