The Soft Edge of Midnight by Stella and Audra Price
The Keepers of Twilight
Siren Publishing
Erotic Romance/Dark Paranormal / Unicorn Shape-shifters
ISBN: 1-933563-91-5
Reviewed by Jo



Illori Swain has finally escaped from where she had been held against her will for hundreds of years.  Being a unicorn shape-shifter and as far as she knows one of the only ones left on this side of the portals, Illori is not sure she wants to linger with even more loneliness.  But she does have one thing that she wants to do before she lets go.

Karsten Morris was trapped on this side of the portals from glimmer by mistake when they were closed.  As a stallion unicorn and one of status back home, Karsten cannot have a family or feel complete until he mates with a female unicorn – not something he believes will happen after all these years.  Karsten has at least found a profession that is fulfilling to him.  But one day, by chance, he gets a whiff of a scent, a female unicorn scent. 

Illori and Karsten meet and once she actually believes who and what Karsten is, of course Illori wants to do what’s natural.  Neither can believe their luck and after all these years that fate had brought them together.  Trying to mate is what is in both their minds, but what neither realize is that Illori’s captive past is about to come back with a vengeance.  She has two demons after her, one an actual Fallen.  When Illori is taken by one of the demons, Karsten has to team up with the Fallen and hope some of the demon's goodness still exists.  If Illori and Karsten can get past Hell’s minions, will they ever be able to make it home?

The Soft Edge of Midnight is one of the first unicorn shape-shifter stories I have read.  Unicorns are known for having a huge amount of luck, but I found that Illori and Karsten had Lady Luck playing a here "now and gone again" game with them.  Illori finally begins to believe that luck has come back to her by leading her to the last remaining male unicorn on this plane and Karsten just knows that he is going to do his best to mate immediately with Illori.  There was no way I could not grow to love both Illori and Karsten as they fought to have their future together.  I have come to know that nothing in the Price sisters' books comes easy and their mating was coming too easy, so I was not surprised when not only did they have a problem, but huge problems with one of Hell’s hunters and another minion.  The Soft Edge of Midnight is a softer and a more romantic book than I have come to expect, but it still held that edge of violence and a mixture of characters I have come to expect and love.  If you have not experienced any of the world that the Price sisters have created and are unsure, I believe this is a great place to start.

You can discover more of Illori’s captivity, release, and escape in the book “Gifts” which can be located on their website.


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