The Rancherís Rules by Lucy Monroe
Harlequin Presents
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0373820573
Reviewed by Nannette



Grant Cortez has been looking out for Zoe Jensen since they were kids. He has been her protector and her best friend, but what he really wants is to be her lover. He wonít admit it to himself or Zoe though, so he attempts to keep their relationship strictly platonic.

Zoe has always loved Grant but he treats he like a sister.  After they share a kiss, and then another though, their relationship changes. Zoe thinks she may finally get what she has always wanted, but what if Grant pushes her away forever this time? 

Grant and Zoeís close and long-term relationship in The Rancherís Rules is endearing. They are really good together and I loved watching their relationship grow and change. The Rancherís Rules is a romantic and sensual story with a heart warming ending.


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