The Perfect Gift by Ashley Ladd
Total E-Bound
Contemporary Ménage Romance (M/M; M/F/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-64-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Bianca is very happy with her life – she is living with Ty, the man she adores, and she expects to get a proposal for marriage soon.  What else she could ask for?  Well, one day when Bianca is changing the sheets of their bed she gets an unpleasant surprise – and one she would never have expected.  It seems Ty is interested in men, but what does that mean to their relationship?  Well, Bianca is not one to take things lying down, so for Christmas she will get Ty the perfect gift to help him figure out what he wants.

Ty has these cravings that he can’t seem to control and are getting harder and harder to satisfy with his own hand and vivid imagination.  But when he comes home to find that Bianca has arranged for him to have one night with her hot co-worker Brendan, Ty doesn’t know what to do or think.  If he accepts this gift will his relationship with Bianca be over?

The Perfect Gift is a fun book that has loads of sexy moments balanced by some emotional turmoil at the start of the story. Bianca is a strong woman that in the face of her partner and lover having sensual cravings that she can’t satisfy chooses to tackle the issue head on rather than ignoring it.  While Bianca comes across as a tough lady as she comes to terms with Ty’s cravings, it also serves to make her slightly unbelievable.  However, when Bianca, Ty and Brendan come together it is so hot it is likely to melt your screen and your pants off.  The Perfect Gift will entertain you in different ways from start to finish.  Go looking for The Perfect Gift the next time you are looking for a steamy ménage story.


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