The Chance Of A Lifetime by Maggie Casper
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-202-1
Reviewed by Nannette



Chance has made his desire for Lacey known to all.  Unfortunately, Lacey is recovering from a bad marriage and she doesn’t want to start another relationship so soon.  Lacey's ex-husband left her sour towards men.  Whenever Chance and Lacey are near each other though, the sparks fly. 

Their relationship heats up when Lacey spies someone lurking on her property late one night.  The police officers tell Chance and he heads to Lacey's soon after.  Almost immediately Lacey finds herself locked in a passionate embrace with Chance which quickly leads them to her bedroom. Between Lacey's feistiness and her ex-husband stalking her, Chance has his work cut of for him.  When he finally gets Lacey right where he wants her, Chance won't let anything stand in the way of claiming Lacey for his own.

The Chance Of A Lifetime is terrific!  Chance is super sexy and he had me squirming in my seat every time he touched Lacey.  Lacey is unsure and cautious about giving her heart away again, but her desire for Chance wins out over her wariness.  Maggie Casper has written another red hot and romantic story with The Chance Of A Lifetime.  You are sure to love it!


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