Tempting the Law by C.S. Chatterly
Uniform Behaviour
Total E-Bound
Futuristic Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-906328-59-7
Reviewed by Tanya



In this slightly futuristic story, bordellos are legal and it is possible to spend a night or weekend in them, as some people do in spa getaways today.  But some things are still a bit taboo.  Those in law enforcement would still be frowned upon, by their peers, for partaking in such activities.  But, after much cajoling Cathy Sullivan, police task force member, has agreed to let her best friend set up a night for her at one.  Her friend has set up the situation for all her sexual fantasies to come true with a stranger.  Cathy canít believe she finally agreed to this, heck she hasnít even let her friend set her up on a blind date.

Ian is also a cop and has recently gotten out of a horrible relationship.  While he is ready to move on part of him seems to be holding him back.  But, his friend convinces him to spend a night as a ďstudĒ in a local bordello.  At least with one night he can release some of his sexual frustration, if nothing else. 

What happens when these two meet and the sparks fly?  After getting over the initial shyness it is a no holed barred fantasy.  But what will happen in the morning when they both realize that one night isnít enough, and that they both want to learn more about each other outside of the fantasies?

Tempting the Law is set in the not so distant, modern future.  While it is modern, there are still a number of things that haven't changed.  There are still workaholics as well as relationship shy men and women.  It is this reality that the author sets her book in, with a wonderful twist, a matchmaking friend.  I found I was able to predict a little of what was going to happen but most of the fun was in the journey so this didn't take away from the fun of the book.  I had to laugh at how they were both trying to avoid blind dates but were talked into the night at the manor.  The erotic sexual scenes were well written and hot, hot.  Additionally the fact that they were both trying to hide that their "day jobs" were in law enforcement made for some interesting scenes.  Overall I found Tempting the Law a fun and erotic read.


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