Swing by Opal Carew
St. Martin’s Griffin
Erotic Romance
ISBN (13) 978-0-312-36780-0 (10) 0-312-36780-5
Reviewed by Amelia



Melissa Woods’ friend, Shane Mason, is considering buying a swinger’s resort in The British West Indies called The Sweet Surrender. He wants to check it out, so he asks Melissa to go with him and pose as his wife. She agrees, after hearing that her sister and her husband are planning to go to the same resort in the future. Melissa wants to gather information on the resort and persuade her sister not to go.

Private investigator Ty Adams’ friend Suzanne owns The Sweet Surrender. The club is losing money, and she knows she has to sell, although she hates it. She asks Ty to go with her to the resort because she thinks the prospective buyer is sending in a spy to see how things work, and she wants Ty to find out who the spy is.

Ty immediately suspects Melissa, because she seems to be uncomfortable at the orientation. He’s very attracted to her, so spending time with her won’t be a problem. At first, Melissa is appalled by the club, and its activities but as she begins to sample the offerings, she finds that rather enjoys the swinger’s lifestyle, and that she’s very, very attracted to Ty.

The tag on Swing says to “Leave your inhibitions at the door.” In its place you’d better bring a bucket full of ice. On second thought, make that several buckets. Swing is hot, there’s no doubt about it. Ms. Carew has crafted a novel that captures the spirit of a swinger’s club very well. The sex is hot, and the games the couples play are fun and varied.

I enjoyed the book, but would have liked to see a little more alone time between Melissa and Shane, to cement their relationship. I’d hoped to get that at the end and was disappointed that I did not. Despite that, Swing is a sexy and entertaining romp. Readers who enjoy stories about uninhibited sex with various and multiple partners will love Swing.


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