Sweet Vibrations by Melinda Barron
Loose Id
BDSM, Full-figured Heroine Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-522-7
Reviewed by Jo



Lucy Travers is still recovering from the death of a well-loved “uncle” who left her everything, including his collection of bikes.  Lucy has had to sell most of them to help get her out of debt, one she was left with when her ex left her.  Now she must sell the one bike she wanted to keep.  On top of that, Lucy also has been left adrift, as she is a sub who now does not have a master and has a bad taste in her mouth on the entire matter.

Lake Ross is very interested in the bike that Lucy has to sell, but he is even more interested in what he has learned about Lucy herself.  Lake is a physical therapist, but being a strong Dom is what his life is really about.  He gets the bike and wants more than anything to have Lucy, too.  But first he must work through all the walls and Lucy's mistrust.

A date at Tygers, a BDSM club, is a shaky start to a relationship Lake knows could lead to being the kind all Doms and subs  hope to find.  However, it seems the type of trust needed is hard for Lucy to give.  If that wasn’t enough for them both to work on, Lucy's uncle left her more than personal items on his death.  When things turns deadly, will Lucy and Lake have the trust in place necessary to solve the mystery and come out alive?

Sweet Vibrations is a serious look into the world of BDSM and what each person needs to find in order to have a successful relationship.  Lucy has been hurt by her ex who was a poor Dom.  Lake is a very strict Dom, but he is already headed towards giving Lucy his heart.  I was engaged by the combination of love and strictness Lake uses with Lucy, and then later when Lucy returns that combination but puts it to risk by her actions.  Sweet Vibrations grabbed me on several levels and I was more than satisfied by the time I turned the last page.  I will admit that there was one small scene that was a bit much for me, but in no way did it affect my opinion of the story.  The element of suspense was just enough to add to the tension of the story and yet did not overwhelm the plot.  Ms. Barron has written a wonderful book, that whether you are just beginning to explore the world of BDSM or are a long time reader of it, you will want on your shelf.


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