Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks
Berkley Trade
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0425219437
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Police officer Grayson Montgomery is on mandated leave. Having lost his partner, Alex, to a rogue criminal months before, Gray only has one physical and psychiatric evaluation standing in his way before he can return to work. When Alex's father, Mick, comes to Gray and asks him to take a leave of absence and follow a lead on Alex's killer, Gray feels he owes it to Alex and arranges another few months off in order to try and find the man who shot Alex down in cold blood. The killer's trail leads to a woman in Houston named Faith Malone.  Grayson figures he can get in good with her and then he will find his man. Once that is done, Alex can rest in peace.

Faith Malone and her adopted family run a security company. She spends her time working and her nights craving the touch of a man. The dominant touch of a man who will call the shots, who will take what he wants when he wants. A man unlike any she has ever met. When her family hires Gray Montgomery, Faith can't help but hope that the dominance she sees in his eyes is for real and she sets out to capture the elusive Mr. Montgomery. There is just one problem, he knows what she is doing and he isn't cooperating. Until Faith gives over power and completely surrenders, Gray refuses to even be half the man she hopes for. Surrender, however, comes with a price; a price so steep that Faith may never recover.

Talk about Sweet Surrender! Let me be the first to say that Gray Montgomery can tie me up anytime, anywhere – and let people watch! That alpha man pushed my buttons and steamed my glasses. His dominating personality was just perfectly executed and his tenderness, albeit alpha tenderness, could have made me swoon had I been there experiencing him firsthand. I held my breath, I got teary-eyed, and I smiled. All because of this enticing male character. Faith was so near to me in personality that I more than once winced at her mistakes, although they were innocent ones. Her ability to forgive showed how innocent she truly was and her ability to complete Grayson was awe-inspiring.

I can't get enough of this author. Maya Banks has the ability to whisk me away and make me forget where I am and who I am with—When I read a Maya Banks release, I am right there with the characters and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sweet Surrender releases from Berkley on March 5, 2008. I have already pre-ordered my copy and I personally think others should do the same!  


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