Summersong by Rusty Wicks
Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary/Quick Silver
ISBN: 1-59578-324-5
Reviewed by Jo



Lucy Graham needs a break.  No only did she nurse her ailing uncle until his death, but then she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her the entire time.  Lucy decides to just pack up some things and get away.  Her uncle left her the cabin overlooking White Swan Lake and for the most part, Lucy has wonderful memories of the cabin and the people in the nearby town.  As luck would have it, however, Lucy meets the one horrible bully from her childhood and to her horror, Skip has decided he wants her.  Maxwell James appears on the lake in a large white boat just when Skip decides that “No” doesn’t matter.  Lucy is extremely grateful to her knight in a shiny white boat and later gets to know him a bit better.  Maxwell, while a bit mysterious, seems to be just what Lucy needs to believe in love again and get over her recent losses.  Can Lucy believe enough to let him in?

Summersong combines very modern characters with a very quaint and old-fashioned town.  Lucy just needs some time alone to put herself back together after some life-changing blows.  Maxwell knows that there is something special about what he and Lucy feel after their first meeting, but he has a secret that he is keeping back at first.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Maxwell help Lucy through taking care of Skip and then to have the faith to begin believing again.  I found Summersong to be a great, relaxing story for a lazy afternoon.  I believe that anyone would enjoy Summersong for those times when you don’t want an intense story but definitely a satisfying one.


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