Solstice Seduction by Bronwyn Green
Celtic Fire, Book 1
Total E-Bound
Fantasy, Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-906328-62-7
Reviewed by Erys



Taliesin is tired of his punishment, but sees no way out of his banishment from Heaven. He’d sinned and become a Fallen Angel without even death to look forward to. When he ends up in the psychiatric ward of a hospital, he’s ready to walk right out. Until he sees the beautiful doctor assigned to him.

Emerson Matthews doesn’t have time to date and if she did, she’d never date one of her patients. Even after listening to his fantastic tale she still wants to lock him in her office and have her way with him. What’s a fallen angel to do when he finds a reason to want to live?

Solstice Seduction features a delicious hero that could be any woman’s fantasy. What better match than a man who knows he’s sinned, but cannot find a way to redeem himself, and a woman who believes God has abandoned her? Author Bronwyn Green writes a tale as hot as it is fantastic. Taliesin proves himself to be more than just a pretty face, and a perfect hero. Emerson is a loveable heroine you can feel for. This is just book one in the series. I hope to read more.



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