Sex and the Single Werewolf by Sierra Dafoe
Shifter Sisters, Book 1
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Humor, Werewolves, Shifters
ISBN: 978-1-59596-662- 9
Reviewed by Jo



Luna Howell is the drummer for the Shifter Sisters band. They are a rock band that likes to rock hard and in some cases play even harder. Luna was born a werewolf and because of that is not a delicate little thing like one of her band mates, and of course she tends to get all furry at least once a month – all of which makes her look down on herself. Because Luna has been hurt before in love and always expects to be hurt, she tends to hook up with losers. However one night after being hurt once again, she sees this amazingly sexy guy and wonders what it would be like to have someone like him.

Sean O’Shaughnessey is Irish to his core and writes music. One night after they end their gig, he approaches Luna for a couple of reasons – the one he tells her about is to see if she would be interested in singing his songs. Instant flames happen between Sean and Luna that they don’t even try to fight. But it really is the wrong time of the month for her. Luna’s fear of the “what if” makes her run and when the “what if” happens, can Luna find a way to show Sean what he means to her or will he just walk away unable to cope with the reality of the Luna and the Shifter Sisters.

Sex and the Single Werewolf tells a tale of Luna, a werewolf who sees more of the dark and depressing side of being a shifter, at least in love. The term looking for love in all the wrong places was coined for her I think. Sean is a cocky Irish man who wants to know Luna much better and when he discovers the real Luna, Sean discovers that there is much more in the world then he ever imagined. At first I was worried that Luna would not fight for what she had found, but I was so wrong. I loved Ms. Dafoe humor and the slapstick situations she places our hero and heroine in. She countered the sad and disheartening places perfectly and kept the story upbeat when it could have ended up with a darker and more serious feel. Sex and the Single Werewolf is a great evening read and one I will bring out again just for the humor weaved throughout the storyline. This is the first book of the series and I will be going to find the other two-band member’s stories. I really need to know how the others have end up I believe these “sisters” are worth tracking down and having in my shifter folder.


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