Semper Fi by Barrie Abalard
Amber Heat
Contemporary /Ménage/Bisexual Activity
ISBN: 978-1-59279-611-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele


Semper Fi - Always Faithful. That’s the motto U.S. Marines officer Jake Stone has always lived by and it's how he wants his woman to be.  Jake’s heart has been torn out and ripped to shreds. Instead of celebrating his engagement with his fiancée, Jake is sitting alone in a bar and drowning his sorrows in his drink because she called off their wedding claiming she was not in love with him.  Jake’s gloominess is headed on a drunken downward spiral until two luscious women at the bar offer him a hot proposition he simply can’t refuse.

Connie Woods has always had a sweet thing for men in the Marines.  Like a moth to a flame, Connie spots a drop-dead gorgeous Marines officer at the bar and is instantly drawn to him.  So when her best friend Amanda suggests a little naughty ménage action with Jake, Connie is all game.  Now all the ladies have to do is convince him to join in.  After their wild night of passion, Connie wants to continue a relationship with Jake; however, Jake isn’t having it because of his recent, hurtful past.  And, to make matters worst, Amanda is acting all weird.  Has Connie lost her best friend and her soulmate?

I was joyfully pleased with this wonderful pager-turner from start to finish.  Semper Fi is overflowing with sorrowful anguish that will pull at your heart, while offering steamy sexual encounters that will set your panties on fire.  At times, I didn’t know whether to grab a few tissues or fan my heated, blushing face.  Within seconds of their first meeting, it was easy to see that Jake and Connie burned for each other. However, Jake was determined to maintain a distance because Connie reminded him of his ex-fiancée.  Nevertheless, Jake had a hard time sticking to the task of forgetting Connie.  Readers, you will not be disappointed with this mega-hot read.


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