Secret Agent Reunion by Caridad Pineiro
Silhouette Suspense #1476
Romantic Suspense
ISBN-10: 0-373-27546-3
ISBN-13: 0-373-27546-5
Reviewed by Barb



Danielle Moore posed as Sparrow, a gorgeous, smart, fearless assassin. She lost her family, her lover, and almost her life. Now she has recovered from the injuries she sustained over a year ago. Fate and her boss have decided it is time for her to prove herself healed. To help her complete her assignment, her bosses give her a new partner.  Shockingly, her new partner is her supposedly dead lover, Mitch Lama.

Mitch Lama ‘died’ in the arms of the Sparrow. It was when he found out that his lover had not been as truthful as he had thought. Can he forgive the woman he loves more than life itself? Or will the past haunt Mitch forever?

They will work together to fight against a traitor in their ranks. Will the lack of trust between them keep them apart? Even as Mitch and Danielle fight the memories of the past with the memories of the pain they both went through as well as their  feelings,

From the first page, Secret Agent Reunion brings out in the reader the hope of love found again. The reader wants to shake both Mitch and Danielle and make them see that for two strong characters they can be idiots. Secret Agent Reunion delights, frustrates and attracts the reader’s attention. Ms. Pineiro has written a novel that makes the reader want to go out and buy the other books in the Mission: Impassioned series.

The characters in Secret Agent Reunion are introduced in a previous novel of Ms. Pineiro called More than a Mission. But Secret Agent Reunion can be read as a standalone.


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