Second Chance Christmas by Mackenzie McKade
The Perfect Gift Anthology
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-711-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lori Dayton left her hometown four years ago to pursue her dreams.  Not only did she leave behind her family, but she left behind Dean Wilcox, the cowboy of her dreams.  Home for the first time since leaving, Lori is disconcerted to see Dean at the bar where she and her brothers are having drinks and playing pool.  And, if the looks he is giving her are any indication, Dean doesn’t plan of forgiving her anytime soon.

Dean Wilcox has never gotten over Lori’s leaving him for the bright lights of the city.  He has had four years to get over her but he still wants her with as much passion as he did so long ago.  No matter that she fled, what matters is that she is back.  And back in his arms is where she is going to stay.

Can these two lovers forgive each other and have a second chance at love?

Could Mackenzie McKade grab my heartstrings any tighter than what she did with Second Chance Christmas? I don’t think so.  I still haven’t recovered from the emotional ride that this novel took me on.  Dean had valid reasons for being upset with Lori. And Lori, while mostly innocent, needed to accept some of the blame for his animosity. I found her character completely realistic and while she wanted to be with Dean forever, she wanted to be with him because he wanted her to be. Not because she was an obligation. 

Second Chance Christmas was a great holiday story – one that I will reread in the future.  With each and every book Ms. McKade’s writing takes me on a great journey – one that I have no intentions of ever returning from.  Her books are fabulous.


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