Saving Will by Stephanie Vaughan
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-59426-804-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Will Bruschetti thinks his new neighbor Lee Ann Hunt is uptight, snobby and gorgeous and Lee Ann is desperately hoping that she didn't accidentally drool on Will when she met him.  Will is the most attractive man she’s ever seen, too bad he's a jerk.

Will is a Navy SEAL.  He was burned in the past by a woman and he hasn't dated since.  Lee Ann is an attorney. She  worked in her father's law firm representing the rich and famous.  Now she works helping people in a low income housing advocacy group.  Despite being very different people, their attraction is undeniable. 

Will is sent on a mission that has him away from home for a while. When he returns, will his insecurities ruin the best thing that ever happened to him?

In Saving Will, the sex is sizzling, the dialogue is witty, and the romance is tender.  It's a hot and humorous story. Lee Ann is beautiful and head-strong, and Will is very sexy. Saving Will  is a terrific story.


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