Roguish Hearts by Nikki Soarde
Ellora’s Cave
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781419908699
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Two years ago, Jill Hawkins was feed up with the nasty treatment she was receiving from her ex-boyfriend, so she decided to give him a piece of her mind by sending him a “Dear John” breakup letter via email.  Instead of the email being delivered to her ex, it ended up dropping into JD Devine’s inbox, all because Jill typed the incorrect email address.  From that moment forth, Jill and JD became the best of friends.  Then, on the night of their two year anniversary, all hell broke loose.  While on her way home from their glorious dinner, someone attacked Jill, but before any harm could come to her, JD whisked her away to safety.  That single scary moment led to the both of them revealing their desire to be intimate with one another (something that they had been denying since the instant they met) and to Jill discovering JD’s secret past and all the horrors that come along with it.  Now, both of their lives were in danger as a killer was determined to make sure that JD’s secret never saw the light of day.

We have all done it at one time or another and sometimes it could be the most embarrassing thing to happen, especially if the wrong eyes are reading what you wrote in an email.  But I must admit that I really liked this unusual meeting between JD and Jill, which later on turned into a deep, meaningful relationship.  I found Roguish Hearts to be a completing engrossing story from the get go.  The chemistry between JD and Jill was astounding while the couple’s sexual encounters were steamy hot and passionate.  The mystery intrigued me greatly and held my attention until the very end.  I kept rooting for both JD and Jill to find a way out of their horrible dilemma before it was too late.  With an intense, emotional, and suspenseful plot and wickedly wild sexual escapades, you can’t go wrong with Roguish Hearts by Nikki Soarde.  This is a must read!


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