Rode Hard, Put Up Wet by Lorelei James
Samhain Publishing
Western Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-674-4
Reviewed by Jambrea



Gemma Jansen needs a foreman for her ranch and not just any man will do.  Gemma is looking for Cash Big Crow and he has a proposition for her.  Cash Big Crow will work for Gemma under one condition, at night he gets to be the boss.  Cash ends up getting more than he bargained.  Can Gemma get over the loss of her husband to form a new relationship with Cash?  Can Cash get over his own hang-ups to make it work?

Macie Honeycutt has problems of her own.  Her absentee father, Cash Big Crow, wants to spend the summer with her on the road, but the plans are changed when Gemma Jansen offers her father a job.    Carter McKay is an artist who has found his muse, but Macie is playing hard to get.  Can the two get over their past so they can have a future?  Or will Carterís ego get in the way?

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet is a wonderful read.  The relationships in this book are out of this world.  I could tell how much care Lorelei James put into these four characters from the first chapter.  Not only did I get two great romances I also got to read about a strained father and daughter relationship on the mend and the family dynamics of a large group.  The emotions Ms. James put these four through ranges from happy to sad.  She even had me in happy tears!  Ms. James had me on an emotional rollercoaster, but the hot sex made up for it. 


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