Riding Wild by Jaci Burton
Berkley Heat
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 9780425219317
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Private investigator Lily West is on assignment. Her client wants her to check out the night security detail at a Chicago museum. While watching the security guards talk in the lobby and not do their job, Lily thinks back ten years, and the object of her daydream? Mac Canfield.  Hearing a Harley motorcycle on the street makes her think back to when they were young and involved. No other man has ever made her feel as he used to.  Coming out of her revelry, Lily is dismayed to see a motorcycle pull up to the back of the museum and a man somehow jimmy the lock and get inside. Before she is able to call for help and alert the museumís lax security guards, the man is back outside with a priceless artifact.  And he looks just like Mac Canfield!

Mac Canfield owes Grange Lee and the Wild Riders everything. Ten years ago, he was on a path of self destruction where the only bright light in his life was Lily West.  On a dangerous assignment in Chicago, Mac needs to steal a top-secret vial and turn it over to the government. The coast is clear when he breaks into the museum; however, once outside his past is staring him in the face and she is holding him at gunpoint. Mac does the only thing that will keep them both safe. He grabs Lily and drives hell bent for leather away from the museum.  Now all he has to do is convince Lily that he isnít the enemy without blowing his cover. 

If I didnít love a Harley man before, I most certainly do now.  Mac Canfield is my ideal for a tough, Harley riding alpha male.  From the top of his head to the bottom of his leather chaps, Mac is sin incarnate. And I adored every molecule of him.  His undercover work aside, I felt he was loyal and downright sexy.  He had never gotten over Lily and I could tell with every emotion he used with her that he still cared. Mac had never forgotten Lily and Lily for sure had never forgotten Mac.  No other man ever measured up to him in her eyes.  Every time Mac had to thwart Lilyís questions concerning his profession broke my heart because I know she wanted answers but I also knew that Mac couldnít tell her for very good reasons.

Riding Wild is definitely one wild ride! From cover to cover I was enthralled with the plot, the emotions, and the sensuality.  Jaci Burtonís ability to write dominant bad boys makes me sweat.  I have one wish Ė I am craving in the worst way for the rest of the Wild Riders to have their own stories. Might I volunteer the heroine Talia?

Riding Wild released on February 5 Ė run, donít walk, and purchase this phenomenal story. 


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