Retrieval by Jeanie London
Tor Paranormal
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0-765-35422-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Roman Barrymore is dead. As his soul is being fought over by angels and demons, he is given a choice by the captain of the angelic warriors; either dwell in purgatory, the threshold of heaven to repent, or delay eternity by rallying an army to fight for the passage between life and death.

Nina de Lacy has been dead for three hundred years. Currently her soul is trapped in the body of a living woman. Nina possesses an ability that will help Roman fight for the dominion of the passage.  He must use Gray Talbot and Damian Hart to help him though.  Gray and Damian were Nina’s companions in life and continue to be in death. Retrieving her will not be easy but without her, good cannot triumph over evil.

Roman and Nina shouldn’t be able to feel anything for each other but they do. What can come of an attraction between two dead souls though?

Retrieval is an extraordinary story.  There are amazing theories and images; and the concepts of heaven, hell and the blurred lines in between are fascinating.  Nina’s ethereal beauty is matched by her magnificent personality and Roman is an extremely handsome and honorable man. I didn’t want it to end because I wanted to see more of Roman and Nina together.  Retrieval is intense, moving, action-packed, and sensual. It’s a profound story that could easily become a fantastic series.


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