Resurrection by Patrice Michelle
Scion series, Book 1
Silhouette Nocturne
Urban Fantasy\Paranormal Romance
ISBN: (13) 978-0-373-61778-4; (10) 0-373-61778-X
Reviewed by Sabella



Ariel Swanson never meant the book she wrote to be more than an exercise in overcoming her fear of vampires.  However, now she finds herself in the midst of protests for and against her book and a media frenzy because of it.  The most unexpected result is Ariel coming to the attention of vampires – vampires that the entire world believes extinct and who now are pursuing Ariel to violent results.  But when Ariel is kidnapped by Jachin, a “rogue” vampire, things get even more complicated as Ariel becomes a pawn of the power plays of the vampire community and in relation to a prophecy of dubious validity.

Jachin Black has survived the last ten years as a rogue by not even considering the alternative and becoming a proficient killer for hire.  But when Jachin accidentally comes across Ariel Swanson’s book. he believes that he has found the answer to the prophecy that he has hung all his hopes on – the prophecy that speaks of a brighter future for the vampire community.  When Jachin kidnaps Ariel, they are constantly pursued and attacked by other members of the paranormal community trying to prevent Jachin and Ariel from reaching their goal.  Will Jachin be able to fulfill the prophecy or will they be stopped before they even try?

Resurrection is a vampire romance that starts off with a blast and continues with non-stop action until the exciting finale.  The storyline is an interesting take on the vampire myth and how they relate to the “normal” world.  Ariel makes an interesting heroine as she is reluctant to become part of anything involving vampires due to traumatic experiences in her past.  However, while her change of heart is touching and expected, it occurs so quickly that you can almost miss it if you are not paying attention.  Jachin is a hard man due to circumstance – not preference, but when he was exiled from his home he is forced to do many things to survive.  As Jachin and Ariel come together, they will heat you up with their undeniable passion and leave you wanting for more even if the dialogue is a little silly at times.  Resurrection is an entertaining read that will keep you on the edge of your seat with the non-stop action.


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