Really Something by Shirley Jump
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-14201-0035-8
Reviewer: Melissa



Allie Dean couldn’t get away from her hometown of Tempest, Indiana quick enough. Overweight and ruthlessly heckled by her fellow classmates, she even ran off rather than speak as her class valedictorian. Her worst humiliation, however, was when Duncan Henry asked her to the prom, and then promptly stood her up to take the girl whose abuse Allie suffered day in and day out. As soon as she was able, Allie left Tempest with no intention of ever returning. Now she finds herself back in Tempest, scouting a movie location and shocked to discover that no one recognizes her, not even Duncan. Allie knows she should be a better person but she finds herself thinking about what a perfect opportunity this is for revenge. Only the more time she spends with Duncan the more she finds that she’s falling for him again. But when the truth finally comes out, will the revenge Allie thinks she’s been looking for blow up in her face?

With Really Something, Shirley Jump gives us a story that is sweet and humorous. Allie is easily a character that I’m sure many will be able to identify with and Duncan is a hero with unexpected depths. Although I wished for a little bit more of a resolution between Allie and Duncan over the prom debacle and the ending did seem a little rushed, I have to say that readers won’t go wrong by picking up Really Something.


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