Raindrops Keep Falling on my Dead by Mia Romano
Cobblestone Press
Romantic Comedy / Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60088-059-9
Reviewed by Jo



Cindy Plunkett should be in a gloomy mood. After all, her uncle just died three days ago in a rodeo accident and his Will is to be read soon.  This isn’t the normal type of death, however, and her uncle has died three times now in the last ten years.   Cindy’s main concern is what task her uncle has left her to do for him this time and how not to be mooned by the  chimp that is her uncle’s new form. Tanner Stone was brought into Cindy’s circle by her uncle during his last death and it appears that Tanner will be helping her this time as well.  Besides, Tanner has more than one personal reason to succeed this time.  Even though they broke up long ago, Cindy agrees to the terms of her uncle’s Will and finds that there is much more to her uncle, Tanner, and herself than she ever imagined.

 Raindrops Keep Falling on my Dead is a light paranormal with the campy type of humor that tends to make instant longtime favorites.  Cindy and Tanner need to overcome their past differences, or her uncle and Tanner’s people will cease to exist.   I found Raindrops Keep Falling on my Dead to be funny, odd, and just campy enough to keep my interest.  I never wondered before what would happen if a shifter wasn’t perfect or who their enemies would be.  I chuckled and shook my head as I followed Cindy and Tanner as they worked to get rid of the evil.  Ms. Romano found the perfect combination that kept the silliness light and fun.  I think Raindrops Keep Falling on my Dead is a book you will want on your comedy shelf for those times when you just need a laugh.


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