Rain Fell Down by Lexie Davis
ISBN: 978-1-906328-31-3
Reviewed by Ley



Lacey's relationship with her fiancé is pretty much over.  After their latest fight Lacey finds herself driving around in a rainstorm, where she throws good judgment to the wind and pick up a lonely stranger walking along the side of the road.  Not bothering to even exchange names the two find themselves in a motel enjoying a night of hot sex.

The morning after turned out to be a lot more complicated, when information about Adam, Lacey's sexy one night stand began to surface.  Adam turns out to be much more than Lacey was looking for, and exactly what she needed.

Rain Fell Down but couldn't quench Lacey's fiery temper or her overheated libido.  I felt the author wanted the reader to view Dylan, Lacey’s fiancé as the villain, but he wasn't the one picking up strange men in the middle of the night.  He wasn't the one who agreed to marry someone and have children knowing that wasn't what they really wanted.  All I see he was guilty of was suggesting options to overcome fertility, which is what people do when they want children.  As for Lacey and Adam, on a fantasy level picking up a stranger in the middle of the night and taking him to a motel is hot, but in reality not very smart.


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