Pleasure Exchange by Cathryn Fox
Pleasure Games, Book 3
Avon Red
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0-06-089857-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Scientist and cover model beautiful, Sam York heads up a research team investigating the effects of a female libido enhancer.  He only needs to complete one more experiment before he can give his findings to the Grant Governing Board.  Two things are standing in his way Ė protestors against his experiments and lack of a willing female to test the libido serum on.  The first problem Sam can deal with. The second? Sam isnít so sure that it is the right thing to do but he agrees to test his neighbor and secret fantasy woman, reporter Cat Nichols.

Cat Nichols feels horrible. Because of an exposť she wrote for the local newspaper, her sexy neighbor Sam York is being picketed by angry protestors.  Wanting to make it up to him, she volunteers to be his test subject in a ground-breaking experiment.  Cat knows her decision to be tested might not be a wise one but she canít help it.  Sam York has been the subject of her female fantasies for months. 

Lord have mercy and pass me the ice! I NEED a Sam York in my life.  Sam is naughty and sensuous by nature but carefully keeps his inner sexuality hidden.  He was unable to do this while in Catís presence, and I loved Samís ability to cherish and bring Cat to the ultimate fulfillment.  Not that Cat didnít reciprocate, she did tenfold.  Their love affair, I mean, their EXPERIMENT, was hot enough to scorch the sheets.  Add in a cute and lovable best friend, Jen, and I thought Pleasure Exchange an immensely animated, highly provocative, and exceedingly sexy read.  I am on pins and needles hoping against hope that Jen will get her own story. 

Cathryn Foxís third Pleasure Games installment is a ďrun, donít walk, and buyĒ type of book.  While this book reads perfect as a stand alone, it is part of a series.  As a reader first, and reviewer second, I recommend going back and reading the first two books, Pleasure Prolonged and Pleasure Control.  With Pleasure Exchange, Cathryn Fox has made me a fan most definitely and I canít wait to see what she releases next!


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