Perfect Hero by Cricket Starr
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0856-1
Reviewed by Jo



Melissa Evans is once again going to spend the holidays alone and single – the story of her life. She has even put up a request for the perfect hero on the company’s Santa board, on the practical side, she also asked for a much better monitor too. Melissa believes in many things, but not magic, a bit unbelievable with you consider she works as a game tester with games that have a lot to do with magic. Needing to try out a new character generator, Melissa decides to make her perfect dream hero as her character never realizing that IT is not the supplier of her new monitor.

Brian's world is that of the inside of a computer and has been watching Melissa. When the opportunity arrives to fulfill Melissa’s wish, he becomes her hero, bringing himself into her world - literally. Once Brian gets Melissa to believe him, he needs to find a way to become her hero. Brain finds a way while also learning a lot about the new world he has come to. Melissa and Brian quickly discover the magic of passion and fall in love – but when Christmas arrives and Brian believes he has failed can Melissa show Brian that he is her perfect hero forever?

Perfect Hero is a sexy and fun Christmas tale involving both magical games and even more magical love. Melissa works in a high tech world and understands the concepts of constructing someone but not magic. Brian lives in the magical world of games where even if something bad happens you can always come back, he has no experience with someone who does not believe in magic Melissa and Brian come together in a collision of reality and magic that had me coming back from lunch late because I just had to finish their story. Melissa is the perfect foil to Brian’s thought system. I laughed and sighed during the trials of Brian learning our world and in finding out that being a hero can be done many ways – even if you don’t always succeed in your tasks.


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