One Wild Wedding Night by Leslie Kelly
Harlequin Blaze # 369
Sensual Contemporary Anthology
ISBN 0-373-79373-0
Reviewed by Nannette



It’s Izzie and Nick Santori’s wedding night. While they celebrate in their honeymoon suite, Izzie worries that her five bridesmaids will be all alone while she is having the time of her life…


Dean Willis is an FBI agent who posed undercover trying to expose Bridget Donahue’s boss Marty. Dean and Bridget shared a very passionate kiss that has lingered with Bridget for months. Too bad he was just using her.

Dean hated that he had to use Bridget to put Marty away, especially after falling for her. Now she’s in danger and he has to protect her but she doesn’t trust him.

The sparks between Bridget and Dean become a full-blown fire when they meet up again!  “Getaway” is exciting, sexy and really romantic.



Leah Muldoon has fallen asleep in the back of the limo that is supposed to be taking her home from Izzie’s wedding.

Sloan Kincaid has no idea who the sexy siren sleeping in his limo is, but he wants her, badly. After they spend a passionate night together, what will happen when Sloan finds out more about Leah though?

In “Runaway”, Leah is sexy and sweet and Sloan is charming and handsome. They really clicked for me. They do a good job of steaming up Sloan’s limo too!


“Three Way”

Mia Natale ran away from Brandon Young when he got too close. After attending Izzie’s wedding, she heads up to her hotel room where Brandon surprises her and demands the night of passion she promised him before she left.

Brandon plans on fulfilling all of Mia’s fantasies, even the one that involves someone else.

“Three Way” is wicked and wild. It’s also romantic and very sensual. Mia found the perfect guy in Brandon and vice versa. I’m glad it didn’t go too far though!


“Her Way”

Vanessa McKee and Stan Jackson grew up together but haven’t seen each other in a long time.  Vanessa swore that if she ever came face to face with Stan again she would give him exactly what he deserved. So when she sees him in the hotel bar after Izzie’s wedding, she gives it to him!

Stan feels awful about what happened to Vanessa and he understands that she may never forgive him. When he finds her naked in his hotel room though, he finds a way to make it up to her, again and again!

Vanessa is great! I love her tough yet feminine personality. “Her Way” is a touching and sexy story with a great happily ever after.


“All The Way”

Gloria Santori and her loving husband Tony are a typical married couple; three kids, busy lives, and no romance anymore. So when Gloria decides to stay in the hotel after Izzie’s wedding and a sexy “stranger” surprises her, she gets the night of passion she has been craving for so long.

“All The Way” is a romantic and sexy story that brought a tear to my eye (once I realized that  Gloria wasn’t being bad!).  “All The Way” is a heartwarming, wonderful story with a ton of passion.


Leslie Kelly’s books are always sexy, romantic and fun. One Wild Wedding Night is no exception. Ms. Kelly’s naughty side really shows in One Wild Wedding Night.  It has five fantasy stories full of romance and steamy, hot sex! I loved it!


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