No One Else on Earth by Jeanne Barrack
Loose Id
Urban Fantasy Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-276-9
Reviewed by Jambrea



Julie Turner returns to her hometown and her father’s failing bar.  With the help of her three friends she turns the bar into a male strip club called Real Bad Boys.

Mike Winstead shows up at Real Bad Boys to audition, but he has an ulterior motive.  He is hot on the trail of a sex-sucking vampire.  The vampire plans on using the club as his feeding ground and its Mike’s job to stop him before he drains the sex drive from town’s occupants.

Can Mike and Julie come together in time to save the town from never having sex again?

No One Else on Earth was enjoyable and the interaction between the friends was great.  I just wish that Jeanne Barrack would have split the book up.  She could have had four wonderful stand alone stories instead of one book that felt like she was trying to rush all the friends into a happily ever after.

Once I started to read No One Else on Earth I couldn’t put it down.  Ms. Barrack included sex, suspense and humor wrapped in a wonderful package.  No One Else on Earth was a great read and Ms. Barrack had me on the edge of my seat.  I just had to keep reading.


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