My Fair Mistress by Tracy Anne Warren
Mistress Series, Book 1
Ballantine Books
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-345-49539-6
Reviewed by Annmarie



When Julia Hawthorne learns that her brother owes money to ruthless business man, Rafe Pendragon, she knows she must find a way to repay the debt.  Although Julia is attracted to Rafeís dangerous looks and sensual charisma, she never thought she would agree to Rafeís wicked proposal.

Rafe canít believe Julia agreed to his proposition.  To cancel her brotherís debt, Julia will be his mistress for six months.  Rafe never imagined the pleasure he finds with the passionate Julia and he certainly never imagined his heart may become engaged by his temporary mistress.

Iíve enjoyed Tracy Anne Warrenís writing to date but I must say that My Fair Mistress is my favorite book by far!  Surprisingly steamy with a hero who is dark and delicious, I loved My Fair Mistress and have high hopes for the next in this series.


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