Mortified Matchmaker by Alexis Fleming
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-327-3
Reviewed by Jo



Melissa Morgan, a kindergarten teacher, has come to be on vacation with her sister, Jane. Once she arrives, not only does she find that her sister has left but she also finds out that she is expected to take Jane’s place. Jane is sure that Melissa will have not problem as they are identical twins, but then Jane's business is match making and Melissa doesn’t believe in love anymore.

Matthew Campbell is a federal officer who has been assigned to investigate the matchmaking firm undercover. His cover – that of a geeky, unsure and old fashion undertaker. Not every woman’s dream date and Matthew is very good at his job. His entire focus is for Jane (Melissa) to offer to help him herself.

Matthew and Melissa are attracted to each other and that has no part of either of their plans. Melissa just wants to get through the two weeks she promised her sister without messing up her business. Matthew knows that he can never have a relationship with a suspect. After meeting Melissa, Matthew cannot match her personality with that of his suspect and begins to wonder if he has the right person. Melissa starts to find odd things happening and she begins to wonder exactly what is going on at her sister’s firm. Matthew has become Melissa’s touchstone and she is falling for the geeky undertaker. When he is part of the final take down and Melissa discovers that Matthew is not really who he says he is will Matthew have lose the relationship he has come to long for?

Mortified Matchmaker has crime, humor, suspense, and romance, what a great combination. Melissa has been getting her sister out of trouble her entire life so when she arrives and finds out that her sister has taken off, she once again covers for Jane. Matthew is tired and has just come off an intense undercover case hoping for a vacation; however he is instead immediately brought onto a new case. I laughed, giggled and sighed as Melissa tried to help Matthew learn how to date and attract a woman. Admittedly there were several times I wanted Melissa to crack a bit and tell her sister to grow up, but that just shows how well Ms. Fleming brought her characters to life. Right up until the last couple of pages I was unsure if Matthew and Melissa would get their happy ever after but I had faith. If I had not felt for Matthew before then, his final actions would have pushed me over the top. Mortified Matchmaker is one of the few books I have read of Ms. Fleming’s but this has put her on the top of my watch list and I am anticipating her next release.


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