Moon Over Bourbon Street by Bonnie Dee
Liquid Silver Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59578-289-3
Reviewed by Jo



Rick Plazier has lived and worked in New Orleans his entire life and can just about say there is very little he hasn’t seen or heard about.  Especially this last couple of years, after he was bitten and became a shape shifter.  Rick currently owns a business and works as a private detective.  The PI business has its ups and downs, but Rick thinks he might have just hit an up with the new client who walks in – a sexy blond. 

Amy Chang is Rick’s all-in-one girl and pretty much runs the office for him.  Amy is one of the few people who know about Rick’s secret and it doesn’t bother her at all.  Amy’s major concern is trying to keep what she feels for Rick a secret from everyone – most importantly from Rick.  When Rick goes goo-goo on his new client, Amy secretly agrees to help the client’s husband discover what the wife is doing. 

Amy and Rick start off working against each other without his knowledge. When all leads point to a paranormal society with a bad and deadly reputation, things begin to heat up.  When Amy is kidnapped, Rick knows that he will do anything to get her back even if it means having to deal with his shape shifting.  In a world that accepts the paranormal in everyday life, Rick and Amy have to show paranormal society that just because you can does not mean it’s acceptable.

Moon Over Bourbon Street has a dark underlying plot that just adds to the suspense and, in a way, to the romance.  Rick has been trying to deal with suddenly being turned into a shape shifter and running his business.  Amy has a long-standing problem in being attracted to bad boys, and Rick is a Cajun bad boy.  Amy and Rick have fought and just plain refused to believe the attraction they have for each other.  However, danger tends to make the feelings you are hiding come out with a bang.  I watched as Amy and Rick smoldered and then ignited and lastly came to full flame, while trying to figure out who was the good guy and who was the bad.   Moon Over Bourbon Street had me trying to figure out what was going on along with the lead characters and I was not quite right by the time the truth was revealed.  The passion and fear both Rick and Amy go through will keep you flipping the pages.  I know they had me doing so. 


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