Missing by Jasmine Cresswell
Romantic Suspense
ISBN-10: 0778324672
ISBN-13: 978-0778324676
Reviewed by Barb



Megan Raven‘s father has just disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Miami, leaving her mother’s home in dire trouble as it was used for collateral for a loan no one knew anything about. A three million dollar loan. Taking control of the situation, Megan goes to the bank that the loan was taken out at. Trouble is the bank president is her father’s brother-in-law, his other wife’s brother.

Adam Fairfax’s bank loaned his brother-in-law three million dollars. Now that brother-in-law is presumed dead, the money is missing, and his sister just found out she was not her husband’s only wife. And he is falling for the daughter of the missing man.

From the first paragraph, Ms. Cresswell seizes the reader’s mind and does not let go. Missing is a compelling tale of family, finances and life with several interesting twists thrown in to keep the reader thinking. It does stretch itself a bit too much in a couple of places but still manages to be strong in character development.


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