Michaela by Leanne Karella
Grounded, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary / Mystical
Reviewed by Jo



Michaela and another angel, Electra, have been up to mischief and the archangels have decided to give them a punishment that will make them understand what humans feel and go through during their lives.  Their punishment: grounded on earth for their lifetimes and to help a specific person in need.  Michaela is sent to Ty Brock, a rancher trying to get his life back together after serving time.  Michaela knows that Ty is worth more than he believes he is and begins to show Ty that his friends and community have forgiven him and that his life can be so much more than he believes.  Neither Ty nor Michaela expect to fall in love and because of miscommunications and misunderstandings, Michaela ends up leaving Ty just when he finally begins to believe he is worth love and friendship again.  All is not lost, however, as they have an archangel on their side and heaven is all about happy ever after.

Michaela is a sweet love story with characters who need to discover what being human and forgiving is all about.  Ty has made some serious wrong decisions in his life and has paid for them and is trying to find his new way.  Michaela has been easily led into mischief by fellow angels and is sent to learn that what seems like innocent mischief to them, can have drastic consequences to humans.  The comedic accidents that happen as Michaela learns about life on earth were funny and heartwarming.  With sensual dialog and hot sex, I believe lovers of old fashion romances and inspirationals will enjoy Michaela and want it on their shelves.


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