Mercenary Redemption by Diane Merlin
Mercenary Series, Book 2
Tease Publishing
Fantasy/Alien Planet
ISBN: 987-1-934678-11-4
Reviewed by Tanya



At the end of Mercenary Heart, Kevnor and Dev have a huge fight and she flees their home base, on their best ship.  While she knows she is being rash there are just some things a pregnant woman should not have to take when she is a newlywed.  She decides to make her own way and sets out to hire a crew.  She quickly finds out that not only is there still a price on her head, but the price has gone up.  Her birth world (Iman), which she doesnít know anything about, wants her back as they claim she is their princess.  After a few grueling weeks she is finally reunited with Kevnor after they both come to their senses.  Then she is kidnapped and taken to Iman, where she finds that her birth world is as backwards as any world she has ever seen.  Men are treated as little more than slaves and sperm donors.  No way is she raising her baby on this planet.

It does not take Dev long to figure out there is something really wrong, in addition to Imanís arcane rules and beliefs.  But, they wonít let her go.  She knows Kev, plus the rest of her old crewmates will be moving galaxies, if necessary, to rescue her. She plans to be ready when they arrive.  She is not going to sit still either; she adopts the two slave boys that are sent to serve her and teaches them they are not second-class citizens.  But, can she also help figure out what is going on with Iman and help change it before she is rescued?

Mercenary Redemption is a fantastic follow up to Mercenary Heart.  I loved this story almost as much as I loved the first book in the series.  Diane Merlin does a fantastic job in setting the stage for the stories that she writes. In my mind, I am right there along with the main characters.   Ms. Merlin again shows that family does not have to be genetically attached; they can be formed through experiences together.  I am looking forward to reading whatever this author writes next, though I do wish she would find a way to continue this series as it is imaginative, sexy and gripping.  I think Mercenary Redemption is a great enchanting read.


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